Eating ass and the mythical Pegasus

“Can I eat your ass?”

Dude, it’s 8am. Cool your fucking jets.

I know I am not the only woman who has received this request from a stranger I have just met on a dating app.

“What’s your success rate with this method?” I asked one gent.

“Not good” he replied.

And yet…

I don’t know if it’s my age, the rapidly changing dating landscape or the fact that men can ask these things in a virtual space without the threat of being slapped or branded a perv, but never in my life have I had more men offering to eat my ass than I have had in the last year. Dudes wanna do it, they wanna receive it and they ain’t afraid to talk about it.

Has it actually increased in popularity though or are people just being more open about it now?

Perhaps it all comes down to porn, which seems to be the main thing informing our sexual landscape right now, but either way, it’s definitely a new standard feature in the bedroom and one that men and women are growing more comfortable talking about.

When I have asked people about eating ass, it usually elicits three very distinct responses, laughter, embarrassment and disgust. The ones who laugh almost always are interested in it but aren’t comfortable talking about it, the embarrassed ones have usually done it and liked it and the disgusted ones exclaim that it’s gross because poo comes out of there. Fair enough. But urine comes out of penises and vaginas and the odd vomit has come out of everyone’s mouth at some point, and we still put our mouths on those.

Some guys find the actual stigma of ass eating arousing. The fact that it is considered dirty or shameful is a one-way ticket to turn on town for them. Others claim that it’s no different to going down on a girl and some claim they only give it to receive it. 

But how do women feel about it? Many I have talked to are too embarrassed to try it, a lot feel demeaned by it but quite a few have admitted to enjoying both giving and receiving it.

But it’s not just ass eating that has risen in popularity. Thanks to shows like Broad City, “pegging” has become a more accepted act for straight men too. For those who are unfamiliar, pegging is when a woman wears a strap on and penetrates a man. Until a couple of years ago, I’d never heard of pegging and no man had ever asked me to do it. In the last year, I have matched with several men on dating sites who are in search of the mythical Pegasus.

Butt stuff is certainly making its way from more of a fetish item to a mainstream one. Being that the stigma of butt stuff for men is no longer a question of their sexual persuasion is also a factor, which I think is freeing for a lot of heterosexual men. 

Mainstream or not, I still don’t think it should be a topic anyone broaches with a stranger or someone they have only just met. And whether you like giving or receiving, consent, as always, is paramount. Just like trying to ‘sneak anal’ is not okay without permission, eating ass needs to be consensual too. It needs to be a mutual sexual quest for glory and if one of the involved parties is not into it, then it should immediately cease. 

Bottom line is, there’s nothing wrong with it. But I still think a dude ought to take a lady out for a drink before measuring her up for a harness or requesting to put his mouth anywhere near her butt.

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